Vetsuture SILK 0 - 30mm. (12 stk.) Reverse Cutting Needle - Triangular (SILK35CN)


Suturer-specifikationer: 3.5 – 0 – 90cm – 30mm – 3/8

Vetsuture SILK is a sterile, non-absorbable braided suture
composed of an organic protein called Fibroin. This protein
is derived from the domesticated species of Bombyx mori
from Bombycidae family. This suture are treated to remove
gums and foreign materials then colored in black and coated.
Vetsuture SILK has good resistance to traction. Braided, it is
flexible, easy to use and knot security properties are excellent.
The coating improves the sliding of the suture and limits the
saw effect. The tissue reaction is moderate. Vetsuture SILK is
indicated for the approximation of tissues in general surgeries,
on the skin and for ophthalmic surgery.


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