InSight qLabs Veterinary Coagulation Analyser (WD0242)


Beskrivelse af varen

he InSightTM qLabs® is an important tool to help diagnose conditions in relation to pre-operative checks for at risk animals, toxins and systemic diseases, hereditary bleeding disorders, excessive bleeding and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC).

This analyser comes with 2 years warranty and requires only one drop (10µl) of non-anticoagulated whole blood directly from the syringe and provides excellent correlation to central laboratory results. The low cost test strips which combine PT/aPTT on one strip do not require refrigeration which increases practicality for veterinary practices.


  • Requires 1 drop of non-anticoagulated whole blood (10µl)
  • PT/aPTT tested simultaneously on 1 test strip (PT only test strip also available)
  • Room temperature test strip storage
  • Fill test strip directly from syringe
  • QC material available
  • No need to transfer sample into citrate tube
  • Option for Bluetooth docking station printer
  • Low cost analyser and consumables
  • ‘Test count up’ for immediate assessment


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