Vetsuture fastPGLA 3/0 – 24mm. (12 stk.) Reverse Cutting Needle – Triangular (FPGLA2CN)

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Suturer-specifikationer: 2 – 3/0 – 90cm – 24mm – 3/8


Suturer-specifikationer: 2 – 3/0 – 90cm – 24mm – 3/8

  • Absorberbar
  • Multifilament og coated
  • Polyglactin 910
  • Hurtigere komplet absorption

Vetsuture fastPGLA is a sterile, absorbable, short term,
braided suture composed of Polyglactin 910. It is coated, not
dyed, and colored white. Vetsuture fastPGLA is absorbed by
hydrolysis. Absorption begins with loss of tensile strength
followed by loss in mass. 50% of the original resistance to
traction is maintained at 5 days. At 10-14 days, all the original
strength is lost. Absorption of fastPGLA is complete within
42 days. Vetsuture fastPGLA has a very high tensile strength.
Braided, it is flexible, easy to use and knot security properties
are excellent. The coating improves the sliding the suture and
limits the saw effect. The tissue reaction is very low. Vetsuture
fastPGLA is indicated for the approximation of tissues difficult
to reach, difficult animals and ophthalmic sutures surgeries.