Vetsuture PGA 8/0 (12 stk.) – Double Spatula Needle (PGA04DS)

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Suturer-specifikationer: 0,4 – 8/0 – 30cm – 2x 6,4mm – 200um – 3/8


Suturer-specifikationer: 0,4 – 8/0 – 30cm – 2x 6,4mm – 200um – 3/8

  • Absorberbar
  • Multifilament og coated
  • Polyglycolic Acid

Vetsuture PGA is a sterile, absorbable, medium term, braided*
suture composed of Polyglycolic Acid. It is coated and colored
in Violet. Vetsuture PGA is absorbed by hydrolysis. Absorption
begins with loss of tensile strength followed by loss in mass.
80% of the original resistance to traction is maintained at 14
days. At the end of the 4th week 10% of the original force
remains. The suture is absorbed up to 10% in two weeks, 25%
after four weeks and 75% in two months. The absorption of
PGA is complete between 75 and 90 days. Vetsuture PGA
has a very high tensile strength. Braided, it is flexible, easy
to use and knot security properties are excellent. The coating
improves the sliding of the suture and limits the saw effect. The
tissue reaction is very low. PGA is indicated for the particular
ophthalmic microsurgeries.
*size 9/0 =monofilament