Vetsuture NYLON 4/0 – 19mm. (12 stk.) Reverse Cutting Needle – Triangular (NYL15CN)

1.5 4/0 90 19 3/81.5 4/0 90 19 3/8 NYL15CN



Suturer-specifikationer: 1.5 – 4/0 – 90cm –  19mm-  3/8

Vetsuture NYLON is a sterile, non-absorbable, non-coated
monofilament of polyamide. It is colored black. It is smooth and
very easy to use. Although a monofilament, Vetsuture NYLON
is remarkably flexible and easy to take control of and build
on. NYLON Vetsuture has good security properties of the knot
and can easily be removed without tissue adherence. Vetsuture
NYLON has minimal tissue reaction. It also has a high tensile
strength. Vetsuture NYLON is used for closing wounds in
general surgeries, on the skin and microsurgeries, including
ophthalmic procedures.