Vetsuture NEXT 5/0 (12 stk.) - Reverse Cutting Needle - Triangular (NEXT1CN)


Suturer-specifikationer: 1 – 5/0 – 90cm – 13mm – 3/8

Vetsuture NEXT is a sterile, non-absorbable, non-coated
monofilament composed of Polyvinylidene fluoride. (PVDF). It
is available in blue for better visibility. Vetsuture NEXT has the
highest tensile strength, and has virtually no shape memory and
is very easy to use. It has excellent safety properties of the knot
and sliding characteristics. There is no tissue reaction with
Vetsuture NEXT. It is indicated for the approximation of tissues
in general surgeries and can be used on cardiovascular and
neurological tissues.


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