TSH (10 test) for Insight V-IA Analyser (WD1563)



The InSight V-IA canine or feline TSH Rapid Quantitative Test is a
fluorescence immunoassay used with the InSight V-IA Veterinary
Immunoassay Analyser for quantitative determination of TSH concentration
in canine or feline serum or plasma. The test is used as an aid to diagnose
thyroid function.

Test principper

1.This test employs a quantitative double antibody sandwich fluorescence
immunoassay technique.
2.The fluorescent signal intensity reflects the amount of TSH captured and is
processed in InSight V-IA Veterinary Immunoassay Analyser. The TSH
concentration is expressed in mIU/L and ng/ml.

Opbevaring og stabilitet

1.Store the test kit at 4~30℃ up to the expiration date.
2.Once the pouch has been opened, the test should be performed within an
3.If removed from the refrigerator, allow 30 minutes for the test to attain room
temperature before testing.

Prøvesamling og forberedelse

The test can be performed with either serum or plasma.
1.Following standard phlebotomy venipuncture procedure, collect whole
blood sample using a blood collection tube.
If a plasma sample will be used, use a blood collection tube containing lithium
heparin anticoagulant. If a serum sample will be used, use a plain serum tube.
2.Separate serum or plasma from blood within 2 hours after blood collection.
If a specimen appears to be severely haemolysed, another specimen should be
obtained and tested.
3.The test should be performed immediately after the specimen collection. If
the test cannot be performed within 2 hours after blood collection, store the
sample at 2℃~8℃ for no longer than 48 hours. For long-term storage,
samples should be kept below -20℃.
Bring all materials to room temperature before use. Frozen samples must
be completely thawed and mixed well prior to testing. Samples should not
be frozen and thawed repeatedly. Only clear, non-haemolysed specimens
should be used.

Test procedure

Refer to the InSight V-IA Veterinary Immunoassay Analyser User Manual for
complete instructions for use of the analyser.
1.Set the test cartridge on a clean, level horizontal surface.
2.Make sure that the test cartridge Lot No. matches with the ID Chip No.
Insert the ID Chip into the analyser. Be aware not to touch the insertion tip of
the ID Chip. Press “Read ID Card” on the test screen.
3.Pipette 75μl of prepared sample into the buffer tube, gently mix well.
Vigorous agitation and foaming should be avoided.
4.Pipette 75μl of mixed sample dilution to the sample well of the test cartridge.
Avoid forming bubbles.
5.Please refer to Section V in the InSight V-IA Veterinary Immunoassay
Analyser User Manual for details.
a) Quick Test Mode: Set the timer for 15 minutes, start the timer immediately
after adding the sample mixture to the sample well. Once the timer has
counted down, insert the test device immediately into the cartridge holder of
the analyser and click ‘Test’. The instrument will scan the test device
automatically and display the test result.
b) Standard Test Mode: Insert the test device into the cartridge holder of the
analyser immediately after adding the sample to the sample well, click ‘Test’.
The analyser will start to countdown and read the test results automatically.
6.Results are displayed on the main screen and printed automatically.

Fortolkning af testresultater

The InSight V-IA Veterinary Immunoassay Analyser calculates TSH test
results automatically and displays the concentration of TSH on the screen
immediately after correctly adding the sample to the sample well for 15
minutes. For further information, refer to the User Manual for the InSight VIA Veterinary Immunoassay Analyser.
Reference range of TSH in canine or feline blood:
1.Detection range: 0.1-100 mIU/L / 0.01-5 ng/ml

mlU/L ng/ml
Hund Normal
0 – 37
> 37
0 – 0,6
> 0,6
Kat Normal
0 – 21
> 21
0 – 0,3
> 0,3

Each Laboratory should establish a reference range that is representative
of the population to be evaluated.


Each InSight V-IA TSH Rapid Quantitative Test contains an internal control
for routine quality control requirements. This internal quality control is
performed each time a patient sample is tested. If an invalid result from the
internal control occurs, the analyser will display an error message, indicating
that another test should be performed.


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