FASTest® IgG (10 stk.)


FASTest® IgG bovine is an immunochromatographic fast test for the semiquantitative detection of IgG antibodies (immune status) in native blood, whole blood, plasma and serum of cattle.

The immune globulines G (IgG, gamma globulines) belong the the antibody class G mainly directed against viruses and bacteria.

Due to the special placenta conditions, newborn calves show no to hardly noteworthy IgG (especially IgG1) and often show an immune deficiency syndrome (IDS). Therefore, the most important base for an immunoprophylaxis is an adequate supplementation with IgG.

Also, in cows the content of IgG economically plays an important role. If the intrapartal IgG concentration is already significantly decreased (< 15 mg / ml), an increased incidence of genital associated diseases (dystocia, metritis, mastidis a.s.o.) will be seen in the peripartal period.

The optimal test time slot using FASTest® IgG bovine is between 24 to 48 h (max up to 7 days) post natum in calves and from 3rd to 7th day post partum in cows.

FASTest® IgG bovine enables the veterinarian on-farm and withoud any technical costs to confirm (FASTest® IgG bovine: IgG ≤ 12 mg / ml) or to exclude (FASTest® IgG bovine: IgG > 12 mg / ml) a suspicion for FPT / IDS in the cow as well as in the calf.


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