SAA test for Easy Reader (10 stk.)



Brochure: SAA-Easy-Reader_GB_20200217

• SAA-CHECK-1 can be performed with whole blood, plasma or serum of cat and
• The sample material should be collected under the standard laboratory conditions
(especially in such a way as to avoid hemolysis).
• When the test is to be performed with whole blood, fresh samples should be used
(< 4 hours).
• At 2–8 °C, the whole blood, plasma or serum can be stored up to 24 hours. If the
test is to be run after 24 hours, the sample should be stored at minimum −20 °C.
Completely thaw samples before testing! Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
• Mix the sample material well before use!
• Keep in mind that the sample material, as well as all used test-kit components,
should have reached room temperature at the time of application.
• ATTENTION: Partially filled and / or insufficient mixed EDTA, Citrate or Heparintubes could create interference effects resulting in unspecific test results.

• SAA level below 10 mg / l  diseases / disorders are unlikely (1, 2).
• Elevated SAA levels:
– Injury: mean value 62 mg / l
– Renal failure: mean value 31 mg / l
– Infectious diseases: mean value 48 mg / l
– Tumours: mean value 17 mg / l
• SAA level below 30 mg / l  systemic infl ammation is unlikely
• SAA level within 37 and 1,609 mg / l (mean value: 343 mg / l)  local infl ammation
is probable.
• SAA level within 688 and 4,000 mg / l (mean value: 1,583 mg / l)  systemic infl ammation
is developing and requires attention (3).


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