Immuno-Chek G – Foal IgG Test Kit (10 stk.)



Foals are born with no immunoglobulins (IgG) and must receive adequate antibodies from the mare’s colostrum (passive transfer of IgG). However, up to 20% of newborn foals experience a partial or total  failure of passive transfer of IgG. This can be caused by premature lactation, deficient suckling, malabsorption  or low IgG levels in the mare’s colostrum.

These animals are at high risk of infection and serious  illness or death, so it is vitally important that vets undertake routine measurement of the IgG levels of  all foals at around 12 hours old to determine there isn’t failure of transfer of passive immunity (FTPI).


  • Room temperature storage
  • Small sample size – 10μl EDTA/Heparin whole blood
  • Short test time – 10 minutes

Kit Contents

  • Pouches containing test device
  • Sample diluent
  • Buffer
  • Pipette & pipette tips

Result Interpretation