SURGICUTT® Vet. H (dog) 10 incision lancets

SURGICUTT® Vet. is a standardised screening-test for the evaluation of primary hemostasis disorders in the dog.



Hemostasis is a complex physiological reaction on bleedings of all kind. Hemostasis disorders can base on primary and secondary defects or causes.

The buccal mucosal bleeding time (BMBT) is the time that passes by after placement of a defined incision by means of SURGICUTT® Vet. H, until hemostasis occurs. The determination of the BMBT is an important coagulation marker for validation of the individual primary state of hemostasis.

With help of BMBT, suspicion of disorders of the primary hemostasis can be confirmed quickly and simply. Characteristics normally are surface bleedings, caused by infectious and/or immunological reasoned thrombocytopenias, thrombocytopathies, vasculopathies and the genetically inherited von Willebrand disease (vWD) type 1–3.

With help of SURGICUTT® Vet. H, by a standardised depth and length of the cut, the veterinarian is enabled on-site to obtain constant and reproducible BMBT results and to give a specific statement about the status of hemostasis in the dog.