Progesterone test for Easy Reader (10 stk.)



Brochure: Progesteron-Easy-Reader_GB_20200217

• The sample material should be collected under the standard laboratory conditions
(aseptic, non-hemolytic, lipaemic or icteric).
• Progesteron-CHECK-1 can be performed with anticoagulated (EDTA, citrate or
heparin) plasma or serum of the dog and cat. Whole blood (with anticoagulant)
and native blood (whole blood without anticoagulant) should not be used!
• ATTENTION: Partially fi lled and / or insuffi cient mixed EDTA, Citrate or Heparin
tubes could create interference effects (overdose of anticoagulant) resulting in unspecifi
c test results.
• Immediate testing is recommended. At 2–8 °C, plasma or serum can be stored up
to 48 hours. If the test is to be run after 48 hours, the sample should be stored at
minimum −20 °C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
• Mix the sample material well before use!
• Keep in mind that the sample material, as well as all used test-kit components,
should have reached room temperature (15–25 °C) at the time of application.


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