Hb Total test for Easy Reader (10 stk.)


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Haemoglobin, abbreviated Hb or Hgb, is the main component of red blood cells of all vertebrates. Hb in the blood serves as the transporter for the oxygen from the respiratory organs to the rest of the body. Hb also carries carbon dioxide as carbaminoglobin in which CO2 is bound to the globin protein.

In mammals, the Hb makes up about 96% of the red blood cell by content (by weight) and around 35% of the total content (including
water). Hb deficiency can be used to determine the presence of anaemia while elevated levels of Hb are associated with polycythemia. In routine use, the determination of haemoglobin level is also used to diagnose polyglobulia or to monitor risk groups for iron deficiency as part of point-of-care testing when acute bleedings or haemorrhages are suspected as well as quantifying blood loss.

The measurement of Hb, which is typically assayed spectrophotometrically, is generally considered accurate and more useful than Hct (Hematocrit) or RBC (Red Blood Cells) count for the diagnosis of anaemia. Hb concentration is usually reported as grams of Hb per decilitre of blood (g/dL).

The Hb-TOTAL-CHECK-1 test is a very innovative rapid lateral flow test designed to quickly provide accurate Hb values in whole blood samples. When the diluted whole blood sample is applied into the sample well of the cassette, a signal is measured by the instrument during migration and is converted into an Hb concentration value. The control line appearance indicates that the test performed well.


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